Wednesday, September 25, 2013

GPC report 19 September 2013

GPC Report
For East and West Sussex LMCs
Dr Russell Brown

19 September 2013

The GPC held its meeting on 19 September. The official summary of the meeting is contained within GPC News 2, which can be found at (points to a pdf).  This month’s version is only 8 pages long.  It includes information not discussed at the meeting which it may be helpful for the profession and LMCs to be aware of.  This month’s report is very short as much time was spent discussing and developing the negotiating position.

Prior to the meeting, the results of elections to the various subcommittees were released to committee members by email.  Of the GPC reps from our LMC Confederation, Julius Parker was elected to the Contracts and Regulation Sub-committee (and indeed was elected as that group’s Deputy Chairman), Richard Van Mellaerts was elected to the Clinical and Prescribing Sub-committee and I was elected to the Commissioning and Services Development Sub-committee.  I am waiting to see whether CSD considers me the best candidate (of two) to act as Deputy Chair.

After a short meeting to elect 3 new directors for the General Practitioners Defence Fund, often erroneously labelled as the GPC war chest, the meeting proper began with a confidential report from the negotiating team.  Negotiations are beginning and it is hoped that a co-operative and communicative approach will be employed by NHS Employers.  At this stage it would be inappropriate for me to publish any details of the negotiations but I can say that the GPC is actively considering options and approaches. 

Colleagues have probably seen details of the Contract Imposition Survey undertaken by GPC after the profession was emailed by Chaand Nagpaul.  The results were disappointingly predictable but also tremendously helpful in bolstering the position of our negotiating team.  In brief, we are overworked and have little or no capacity to do more, coupled with an expectation of diminishing resources.

The NHS England Call to action, a bid to “improve” General Practice, focuses on encouraging local discussions and feedback.  I feel this is telling and am concerned by an apparent wish to see swingeing changes and introduce more competition into an area of the NHS which is efficient and well regarded.  The consultation closes on 10 November and details can be found at  I would encourage you to consider responding.

The matter of the poor pass rate of the CSA by international medical graduates was discussed, following a leaked draft version of a report for the GMC made its way round the internet.  When it is eventually published, the Trainees Sub-committee will be taking the lead for GPC.

The next meeting is to be held on 17 October.  If LMC members or other constituent GPs would like to raise matters for discussion, please contact me or the LMC office.

I hope you have found this report helpful.  Please feedback so that I can ensure my reports are useful.  

Dr Russell Brown