Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GPC report 19 Feb 2015

GPC Report
For East and West Sussex LMCs
Dr Russell Brown
19 February 2015

The GPC held its latest meeting today.  In two parts, the morning was GPC proper with the afternoon being devoted to subcommittee meetings.  I sit on the Commissioning and Services Development Subcommittee. 

The morning session reported on meetings held by the executive team (formerly known as the negotiators) and much of the detail is confidential.  However, meetings have taken place to discuss the Five Year Forward View and how it might be implemented. On the subject of Workload, the Primary Care Foundation has been commissioned to undertake an audit by NHSE.  Although this is unfunded work, it is a worthwhile exercise to gather supporting data and I believe the LMC may be writing to practices soon about it.  Additionally, Northern Ireland GPC have produced a detailed workload analysis in partnership with the Administration.  I am unsure if this will be published but the figures it contains are so compelling that I suspect there will be moves to replicate the work in the other three countries of the UK. CQC have apparently set up a group to examine the so-called intelligent monitoring process and they have once again been advised that it is not fit for purpose. With the regard to the overly simplistic ratings of practices, the BMA have reiterated its opposition to the idea and is apparently developing an alternative which may be more meaningful. I have few details at present but will share more when I can. The recent GP Survey is being collated, after an astonishing 40% response rate.  I understand the results will be presented and debated at next month's meeting. The new BMA campaign No More Games was discussed, calling on all political parties to stop playing games with the NHS.  Apparently the Lobbying Act has had a significant impact on the BMA's ability to advertise the message, but it is being discussed on social media with the hashtag #nomoregames, so by all means check it out and spread the word.

The afternoon session was essentially a single item agenda discussing further the 5YFV and the models of care it proposes.  At this point the conversation, which was very productive, is confidential as it is formulating policy and guidance.  However I will share more details when I can.

No doubt the official GPC news will be published shortly. It will be available through the BMA Communities web site.

Finally, and unrelated to this meeting, the regional elections for GPC for our area will be held soon.  I intend to stand for re-election but if anyone else is considering standing I would be more than happy to be contacted to advise on time commitment etc.  Alternatively, Julius Parker our Chief Executive at the LMC office would also be happy to discuss with prospective candidates.

I hope you have found this report helpful.  Please feedback so that I can ensure my reports are useful.  Please feel free to leave comments. One

Dr Russell Brown