Saturday, March 25, 2017

GPC report 16 March 2017

GPC Report
For East and West Sussex LMCs
Dr Russell Brown
16 March 2017

The GPC met last week.  This was a GPCUK meeting, with representatives from all four nations being present, with discussions regarding pan-UK issues.

Contract 2017/18
I know by now that you will all have seen details of the agreed contract for next year. In the context of an annual review, it is a good deal, with CQC fee reimbursement, changes to sickness expense reimbursement and a significant reduction in bureaucracy major improvements. That said, it is in no way a rescue package nor will it do anything to sustain GP in the longer term.  But then that's what the GPFV is for, innit?  That'll be a panacea, opening vistas of delight and joy.  The LMC is working with CCGs to try to ensure that money is spent where the centre intends it to be spent.

Update on GPFV
On which note, we heard in the England report that the funding is starting to make its way to the front line in places.  As usual with these national ventures, this is highly variable and local hoops to jump through are being deployed by some areas.  In East and West Sussex (and the rest of the Lmc federation) we continue to engage as a constructively critical stakeholder with the commissioning bodies.

Intermediaries legislation
We received an update on the changes with the IR35 issues.  A briefing note from Julius has already been sent out from the LMC office for practices and GPC guidance for practices is being developed. Sessional colleagues can access guidance specific to Locums at the following two links:

GPC Reform
We had a an update of progress in the reform of GPC to try and modernise the way it works.  This has been an ongoing project and I have no doubt that there will be an update at the forthcoming LMC conference in May.  While this work is important, I feel frustrated that so much time is devoted to it within the committee meetings.  I doubt whether many of you are overly interested in its details.  I have fed back that in my humble view it would be better as a receive item.  This view has had a sympathetic reaction from numerous colleagues on GPC but by no means all.

Firearms guidance update
We received a brief oral update as significant progress has been made. Guidance can be found on the Bma website at the link below. It is worth noting that the GMC may decide to make further comments in the near future...
Firearms updated guidance (

Qof update
Discussion has started about the future of QOF.  This is currently confidential but expect changes going forward.

National committee reports
We received oral reports from the Chairs of the national committee in the UK.  The variability is interesting, as is the way that conversations with NHS senior management seem to gradually incorporate ideas from elsewhere in the UK. It's almost as if we had one national health service.  Of note in the English report for my constituents was the fact that the Capita situation may be showing the first green shoots of improvement.  Let's hope they've got decent compost.

The official GPC news can be found at the usual bit of the BMA website.

The next GPC meeting is in June though there is the annual conference for LMCs  in May which I will be attending as a member of East Sussex LMC.

I hope you have found this report helpful.  Please feedback so that I can ensure my reports are useful.

Dr Russell Brown