Friday, February 24, 2006

Wedding DVD

Well, finally got round to sorting out Nick's video so we can create a DVD of our wedding.

If anyone wants a copy, mail me and I'll send one to you in the post.

We've even figured out how to print out the innards of the |DVD case (though we haven't managed to get hold of printable DVD labels yet through sheer can't-be-bothered-ness).

Its been great fun learning how to do it all, using our iMac to copy the film into iMovie, then creating a DVD movie, then finally ripping it.

In between times, I've started learning a bit about html tags, but unfortunately none of you will be able to see as you're not doctors as I've been practising on my profile entry for DNUK, which you can't access unless you're a GMC registered doctor!

Unless of course you've come here from my profile in DNUK, in which case you've already seen it!

Next blog posting will hopefully incorporate some images. Once I get some on flickr of course.


Nick said...

Hey bro,

good to see you join the online community (says he who has done little beyond one post on MSN My Space lol)

Looking forward to more entries in the future :)

Pete Wright said...

I need a dvd. I need a dvd

Simon Bandy said...

Hey Russ,

Definately send Jen & I a DVD