Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Listening habits: the drive to work

Decisions, decisions...

  1. CD. Good music (IMHO), I can sing along without discomforting anyone else (believe me, with my voice that's important) BUT I tend to play it too loud and end up with tinnitus byt the time I get to work, I don't hear the news before work.
  2. Radio 1. I'm sorry, but Chris Moyles is just a big fat git who lots of teenagers finds funny. The music is at best variable, and most of what I get is actually inane drivle interspersed with occasional jingles, with the odd track of music thrown in.
  3. Radio 2. Wogan. Music from elevators, humour from the 1970's but without the slapstick.
  4. Radio 4. The Today show. I get the news and weather. The 0810 interview is sometimes ok, but generally just gets me angry with the vagaries and downright bastard lies from politicians (of all colours).
  5. Southern FM. Really irritating adverts, not much music (and the same stuff over and over and over...), chirpy presenters (far too bright, eff off you bastards, its first thing in the morning), traffic reports every 20 minutes (but they make you listen to the bloody adverts first).
  6. Southern Counties Radio. Decent traffic reports which have the advantage of being RDS, but OH MY GOD the shows are soooooooo boring I'm in danger of falling asleep at the wheel...
What to do, what to do...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the ideal be if Wogan did the Today programme? How good would that be?

Anonymous said...

My husband recommends Radio 6 first thing in the morning.

(I like Radio 4 - can't get up in the morning until I've had a good shout at the radio)