Monday, December 04, 2006

Follow up to "Spinal Privacy"

There have been further developments in the matter of Spine vs Everyone else.

Clarification has been issued to those who sent in coupons expressing a desire not to be included, here. Apparently the Department of Health "does not believe that processing their information in this way is a genuine reason linked to substantial and unwarranted distress." But I thought that distress was in the eye of the sufferer? Obviously only if the DoH thinks so to.

As a GP I'm now damned if I do, and damned if I don't.

If I do "allow" (and it doesn't look like I'll have any choice in the matter) the uploading of people's information, I could be held accountable for the breach in the confidentiality. In other words, I (as data controller for my practice) will be in Breach of the Data Protection Act and I suppose could be legitimately complained about to the GMC.

If I don't, I'll have everyone from the Health Minister (so-called) down trying to bend me over my desk...

This is also picked up today in the Torygraph.

I suspect that Tony and cronies will continue to ride roughshod over everyone, until either someone hacks the system or the opposition get of their arse and cause a fuss.

Watch this space...

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