Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New practice website

Apologies for the lack of posts.

I've been rather busy trying to make some headway against the destruction of General Practice.

Sadly I think that we (the public) will lose our Primary Care service. Even more sadly, many people won't realise that the replacement is less good than the current system until it is too late to go back.

I suspect that within 5 years the current model of partnerships providing continuity of care for patients will be largely defunct, replaced most likely by Polyclinics with some shift-working salaried doctors but mostly with non-medically trained staff such as nurse practitioners and nurses.

On the up-side, we have spangly new practice website at www.manorparksurgery.com

Have a look if you like.

And to the 50-60 or so people (according to site monitor) who view this website a week despite the lack of posts, thanks for keeping an eye out for so long.


Ian said...

I'm a GP in the Midlands and I agree completely with your analysis. I've been in practice for 17 years and have never felt so demoralised and pessimistic about the future. I would not have believed that a supposedly 'Labour' government would be presiding over the destruction of the NHS.

Dr Andrew Brown said...

These are certainly interesting times. I'm not sure that general practice (as we know it) is doomed, but it's undoubtedly facing a considerable threat.

I don't know that the Government will be able to replace all existing practices with polyclinics. I think a lot will depend on how patients react to them. We will have to play to our strengths - continuity of care by experienced personal doctors.

Jobbing Doctor said...

Dear Russell,

Please start blogging again. If only to know that you are not swinging by a rope in some attic.

Anonymous said...

I quite agree as does my husband karl who is a gp in Leeds . What concerns me is that HCAs will replace registered nurses as it is cheaper.