Thursday, April 24, 2008


The NUT has my support, for what it is worth.

Think about it: a 3 year pay deal which is below inflation (as per RPI, rather than the completely useless CPI) and depends on Government plans for the economy coming to fruition.

The BBC annoyed me this morning (for a change) by comparing the "average teacher's salary" of about £34k with nurses' and police constables' starting salaries, figures which they acquired form that font of all accuracy, the Government. So of course the figures are not comparable. Idiots (and Voltaire had a thing or two to say about idiots...).

The fact that the NUT and its members felt that a strike was needed speaks volumes to me. The first national strike for over 20 years by a teaching union.

(Apologies for the lack of links. Lazy perhaps, but I'm in the middle of surgery. This post is what Neighbour would describe as "housekeeping", to aid in the maintenance of my (in)sanity.)

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Jobbing Doctor said...

I'm happy today. I have an occasional morning off surgery (to compensate for evening meetings) and Mrs Jobbing Doctor is a teacher and NUT member.

Result: Lie-in; Breakfast out; Visit to Nursery to buy Bellis and Blueberries.

That is - what people do.