Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Access and Choioce survey 2007/8

Results are out for this survey, available here .

You can search for your own surgery by post-code or street name.

Here's a brief summary of our results (bear in mind that this survey predates the start of extended hours and also predates us setting our website + services up, total respondents 269 out of 5950 patients, so 4.5% of our list):

  1. Happy with phone access 96.6% (last year 92, PCT average 90.4, number happy/number not happy 255/less than 10)
  2. same day or within 48 hour access 98.1% (94 and 92.5, 157/ <10)
  3. Advanced booking more than 48 hours away 58% (29 and 70.7, 47/34)
  4. Book with specific GP even if means waiting longer 89% (84, 88, 105/13)
  5. SAtisfaction with opening hours 90.6% (87, 83.4, 241/25) (although thats 9.4% of sample, that's less than half on one percent of list)
The questions with smaller numerators were usually asked after a different question, so eg my number 3 was after this question: "In the last 6 months, have you wanted to book ahead for an appointment with a doctor?" and only those people who had wanted to, had had to answer the book ahead question.

I'm really pleased, especially with the pre-booking figures. Thats a big improvement, just from telling people as they come in to the surgery. That should improve even more over the next few months; for example, since we launched the website in March, almost 200 people have signed up for the EMIS Access services we offer. We should be at or beyond PCT average by the time of the next survey.

And 5 simply justifies our stance of not doing extended hours, in my opinion.

Of course, the redoubtable Mr Bradshaw thinks otherwise:

"The survey results are a real measure of success for those GPs and their staff who have listened to what their patients think and who have responded with even better access to GP appointments. I congratulate those practices.

"I also want to thank the two million patients who took the time to respond to the survey as these results show the difference patients' feedback can make to the services they receive.

"The NHS now needs to respond to what this latest data is telling us. It is clear patients increasingly need access to primary care at more convenient times. Since the survey took place over a quarter of GP practices have begun to offer extended opening hours and from 2009 the 152 new GP-led health centres around the country will continue to improve provision."

I'm not entirely sure how one can suggest that "it is clear patients increasingly need access to primary care at more convenient times" when obviously so many people are ALREADY VERY HAPPY!

But then, that's why people trust me and not you Ben. You are a politician, whereas I am (now, what was it you said? Oh yes...) mendacious and misleading.

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