Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Text of my GPC report 21 March 2013

GPC Report
For East and West Sussex LMCs
Dr Russell Brown
21 March 2013
The GPC held its meeting on 21 March. Much of the agenda and discussions were confidential,
unfortunately. We are now in the new world of CCGs and post-Francis, not that I expect either of
those to make any difference to the direction of travel.
Contract and QOF
Though I cannot report on discussions which took place, details of the imposition and DES
specifications are gradually becoming clearer. It is not pretty and I suspect that at least some
practices will consider carefully whether the new work is affordable. I suppose it may be that
some of the less attractive bits may be possible to do in collaboration with other practices.
Whether that is desirable is for practices to consider. There has already been much comment and
guidance on this so I will not add to it except by pointing to some of it: is a work in progress and will be added
to over time.
The Francis Report
This said nothing terribly unexpected. The BMA welcomed it in the main. I have some concerns
about how it may affect GPs. However, with the rollout of 111 steaming ahead in many places
despite concerns being expressed by many, it appears that HMG and DH are still considering how
to implement some of the suggestions made in the report.
The future of General Practice
Not a GPC piece of work, but a response to a request from the Labour Party to consider how
they should develop their policies on this matter in the future. I can see arguments about being
inside a tent, but I am uncomfortable with this. I am generally cynical about the motives of
Commissioning matters
An oral report from the negotiating team generated much discussion and, unusually, a motion
which was passed: "that GPC opposes and calls for the withdrawal of Statutory Instrument
2013/500." This referred to the competition concerns expressed elsewhere. Despite governmental
assurances, I suspect that CCGs will in effect have no choice but to tender services. If we can help
them see how and where they might avoid doing so I am sure they might be inclined to maintain
Work on premises cost directions is almost complete and there will be a common single set of
documents. The regulations themselves have been signed in to force in the last week. For the first
time there will be a uniform set of guidance notes, available by the end of April. One outstanding
area is the issue of waste of various types but I understand this will be resolved soon. Leases are
coming but still a work in progress.
NHS111 & NHSCB (now NHS England) Single Operating Model
Unfortunately I had to leave the meeting early so Julius will update us on theses items.
The next meeting is on 18 April. As ever, feedback on my report is encouraged.
Dr Russell Brown

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