Wednesday, October 22, 2014

GPC Report 16 October 2014

GPC Report
For East and West Sussex LMCs
Dr Russell Brown

16 October 2014

The GPC held its latest last week.   The latest official GPC news can be found at the BMA Communities web site.  The meeting this time was in two parts, with GPC proper held in the morning session and subcommittee meetings in the afternoon.  I was elected for a further year as Deputy Chairman of the Commissioning and Services Development Subcommittee.

Unfortunately, almost everything we discussed in the morning was confidential.  Consequently, I can’t say very much at all.

However, the new Dementia Identification Scheme was discussed.  I understand the BMA is unable to advise GPs not to do this work as this would be tantamount to inciting improperly formulated industrial action.  My personal viewpoint is that this is work which is verging on unethical in the way the scheme has been devised and that this money, which has been located from the back of a sofa somewhere in the otherwise allegedly financially moribund Department of Health, would have been much better used towards a properly negotiated and structured package of work which might actually made a difference to those families suffering from the effects of a member with dementia.  But that is politicians for you.  I fully expect many practices to sign up to this in an effort to get at least some funding through the door.  I am also fundamentally unsurprised at the press coverage on this, most of which seems focussed on the erroneous impression that a GP will be paid £55 just for making a diagnosis.  

The CSD meeting in the afternoon discussed networks and federations, co-commissioning and integration.  There is much work going on in many places in the country.  Again, much of this discussion is and was confidential.

I hope you have found this report helpful, though given it’s structure and the dearth of information in it this month..…  Please feedback so that I can ensure my reports are useful.  

Dr Russell Brown

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