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GPC report for 19 March 2015

GPC Report

For East and West Sussex LMCs

Dr Russell Brown

19 March 2015


The GPC held its latest meeting today. In two parts, the morning was GPC proper with the afternoon being group sessions to discuss the future form and function of the GPC with particular reference to its relationships to LMCs. I discovered this week that in an uncontested election I was returned as your representative to GPC for another three years. I am delighted to be able to continue with this element of my work though I am always a little uneasy about uncontested elections. I have chosen to believe that you, my constituents, think I am doing a good enough job that you are happy to leave me to it and so would like to say thank you for your continuing supportive comments and feedback.


As usual, the first part of the meeting was a report from the Executive Team on recent meetings and negotiations. Much of this focused on the recently announced "pay rise" we have all been given, with a 1.16% increase in funding. It would be fair to say the formula for calculating expenses is pretty hopeless, a fact acknowledged by the DDRB. Work is ongoing to attempt to address the weaknesses of the calculations, as well as pension issues, given yesterday's Budget announcement reducing one's lifetime allowance cap further, which I suspect will catch a large number of GPs (eventually). Standard advice to seek independent financial advice from someone with expertise in the NHS pension scheme/s applies. The returners scheme is still causing problems all over the country, with one example cited of a GP from New Zealand, UK trained but a Fellow of the RCGPNZ who, because of the labyrinthine processes, is unable to start working for six months. Apparently he was advised by someone in NHSE that he could always go and do some locums in A&E while he was waiting!


Discussion was had about the results of the recent GP survey, which had a remarkable response rate. The results are likely to be published in the next few weeks and months but will I have no doubt strongly support GPC's position in discussions with Government. There have also been two patient events, where groups of patients have contributed ideas to what the future of General Practice should be. Results are currently a closely guarded secret but there are several common themes which will be described in due course with the survey results.


A discussion paper on future models of service provision which I had previously been involved in the writing of as Deputy Chair of the Commissioning and Services Development Subcommittee was discussed and will be developed further. GPC will be observing the progress of the 29 vanguard sites with a beady eye. I forget if I mentioned last month that, in Ancient Rome, the vanguard were traditionally slaughtered to a man. I offer this only as an observation on classicism.


A move towards demanding recognition of our craft as a Speciality in its own right is on the cards. Apart from Austria and Italy, we are alone in Europe in not being recognised as such, despite leading the world in the quality and breadth of the training and service we provide. The RCGP are partners in this with GPC, so perhaps news soon.


The afternoon session will hopefully result in a proposals paper being presented to the Annual Conference of LMCs, to be held in May. Fingers crossed.


No doubt the official GPC news will be published shortly. It will be available through the BMA Communities web site. Additionally, the most recent Sessional's newsletter has been published on the BMA website.


I hope you have found this report helpful. Please feedback so that I can ensure my reports are useful. Feel free to email me on if you would like to comment or ask me anything. Comments can also be posted on my blog where this report will also be posted at

Dr Russell Brown


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Why does the BMA run a survey in January and not publish the results straight away? This is 2015 not 1915! It's already out of date!