Monday, March 27, 2006

Flame of the week

The Register has published a "how to" for flaming the ultimate flame.

Wonderfully apt, given some of the flamings I've read over the years, and I'm surprised I didn't come across this before.

Mind you, I only really started browsing the Register a few months back, and then fairly intermittently.

So a competition for anyone reading my blog: flame me.

Best flame wins a prize, though I haven't decided what yet.

1 comment:

Pete Wright said...

OOO flame bait. Trying....can't......resist....must.....

You Sux0rs d00d. I mean you get on here, I'm a doc, la la, I do stuff, I live in England, yadda yadda. Get an unlife. Stop trying to pwnz all us lamerz that don't do shit, and try it. Stop whinging all the damn time that you do this and that - just stop and do nothing like the rest of us. There's shit all wrong with being a bum, and it's successful highly educated losers like that give us a bum rap.

Stop it, tax paying government ass lick.