Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Problems with Flickr

Getting lots of problems when I try to log into my Flickr account from work. It keeps telling me that my Yahoo id is already associated with a Flickr account, and I need to merge the acounts.

Fine. So I follow the links and instructions, only to be told that the email address I supply is linked to a Yahoo account and I need to log in there.

Fine. So I log into my Yahoo account and then try to access my Flickr acount, only to be told that I need to merge the accounts.

Guess what happens next?

I've emailed Flickr support, but I guess they'll be on US time, so I will have a bit of a wait.

I've tried to resolve the issue using both Firefox and Internet Explorer, no joy and consequently not many pictures as yet. The funny thing is I can access the account without any problems from home using both safari and Firefox.

It's very fustrating.


Heather Wright said...

email us your flickr id!!!!!

jetserf said...

I have the same problem. Did you ever figure it out?

Russell Brown said...

Yes, but only because I emailed support!

I had 2 accounts and the passwords weren't merging for some reason. They sorted it within 48 hours of my email though.

Good luck!