Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lack of space

Had a bit of a blog break recently, what with Mrs B being ill and (ahem) other things going on at home, as well as having to go through the trauma of recruiting a replacement for my senior partner at work.

Could do with a holiday to be honest. I hear New Zealand is nice this time of year....

Anyway, to the purpose of this post.

It has become clear to SWMBO* and me that we really can't continue to live in our current domicile once Bump Brown arrives: it is a small Victorian terraced house. Fitting in 3-5 humans (depending on the time of the week) and 2 felines is going to be impossible in the medium term, though we might be just about able to manage for a few months. But where do we put the buggy, or hang the washing?

We've had a traumatic 18 months, what with one thing or another. Our lovely little house has been outgrown. And so we are examining our options: move or stay?

If we stay, we'll have to seriously consider a loft conversion. We are fairly sure that this is unlikely to be possible: the house is just too small. We're also unlikely to get our money back from the investment needed to get the work done.

If we move, we'll have to do it soon. Mrs B is 16 weeks in, so we'll need to be in a new house by the end of October at the latest, or she won't have time to plan the decorating before nappies intervene. But that has its own problems: the windows need refurbishment or replacing, our soffits need repairing, the place could do with a repaint. There are lots of other little and not so little jobs that need doing. Finances will need to be considered carefully as well. We'll probably need a second car (and even if we decide to stick with one, we'll need to replace mine which is too small for a baby carrier/car seat and two booster seats). And of course, where do we move to? Closer to my place of work and family, or stay near where we are, where we've been very happy?

So lots of thinking needed.

Watch this space, it might turn into a moving-house-blog.

*"She Who Must Be Obeyed"


Simon Bandy said...

Russ, you're done for. No matter where you move to or how big it is you'll run out of room!

It's a fact of life, just resign yourself to it and everything becomes simpler.

See you soon....

Pete Wright said...

"I hear New Zealand is nice..."


Pete Wright said...

I got a house for sale :)