Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Five weeks to go...

There will soon be the patter of tiny feet in Chez Brown.

Mrs B is expanding on a daily basis, I'm sure she will explode soon. The baby likes Strictly Come Dancing, we can tell because she has a dance when its on. My other 2 kids are excited, we have arranged for them to be the first to meet their sibling (after us of course).

I can't wait...

Mind you, we're only just getting organised with baby-grows, nappies, clothes, etc. We were much better organised with our wedding last year at Newick Park.

And I've still got loads of painting to do :-(

I still can't wait to meet the thing that's been booting me in the ear while I'm reading or singing to it.

Of course, we still have to decide on a name...

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