Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Well, it seems people do.

In that case, why don't the politicians listen to us?

Because they want their reforms to go down as an historical achievement.

Great. Dismantling the NHS will be such an achievement, won't it?

I'm a bit busy today, but for invective about politicians generally and the health service in particular, try clicking on some of the links listed over there ->


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Trevor Gay said...

Hi Russell

You are right that the great majority of the public do trust their doctor - so do I and so it should be. I think that is brilliant.

However I do believe doctors need to be held to account by the public too. We cannot allow a culture that simply says ‘Trust me I'm a Doctor’ and then along comes a Harold Shipman.

I genuinely believe that working together doctors and managers can develop good mechanisms for assuring doctors and patients that a safe environment exists. I am a believer in ‘cock up’ rather than ‘conspiracy’ theory and the negative view that doctors generally have about revalidation and re-licensing can be overcome by adult discussion from all interests.